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Xceeding Minds

“I thought I was joining a networking group. Instead I got a board of advisors!”

Are you looking to STAND OUT from the crowd?

Are you building a brand based on EXCELLENCE?

Do you recognise the POWER of exceptional relationships?

Entrepreneurs are finding that one of the keys to
business success can be found in mastermind groups.
Working with other thought leaders with a skilled facilitator,
committed business leaders are coming together around the world to
generate ideas, solve problems, and find success.

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Most business owners are finding that it is difficult to balance the
focus between managing the tactical “doing the do” and
driving the strategy that keeps their businesses alive.

Xceeding Minds® assists you to invest in and leverage key
relationships that will allow you to focus your attention where it is
best applied, and to steer your business to be more effective day by day.

These can be lessons that take most business owners
years to identify and understand. The experts in the room have
made mistakes and learnt lessons that can
save you years of trial and error.

Through a series of 5 Workshops and monthly activities, Xceeding Minds® will help you to:-
• Learn what holds most businesses back from achieving outstanding results
• Meet like-minded entrepreneurs to develop your businesses together
• Develop dynamic business plans to propel your business forward
• Gain knowledge to help you, your teams and customers achieve
• Create an empowering team to help guide you to success
• Obtain insights that you can apply immediately to your business

It’s more than a Mastermind Group!


We are looking for business leaders who are committed to be the best


Register now to apply for the only seat in the room in your market


When you register, you will be sent your invitation
to apply to be part of this special program.


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Your facilitators are Ann Watson and Ian Murray.


Mindset and Leadership Coach

Ann Watson

Ann is an experienced coach and facilitator, building on over 25 years experience, doing all things from financial administration to Director of what became a multi-million dollar family manufacturing business.Eventually she realised that her core motivation is in motivating people, and thus began a new career in coaching, where she has completed training in life coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Training and Assessment.Ann operates two coaching services: B There – focusing on individuals; and Entrepreneur Whisperer – focusing on businesses. In helping businesses, including with her BAS qualifications, Ann often works as their virtual CFO – building better businesses from the inside out.Ann also appreciates family times, having three amazing children.
Ian is an accomplished facilitator and coach, leveraging experiences from more than 20 years in corporate IT, where he has led teams from 4 to 150, and managed customer-supplier relationships of all sizes.In the last 3 years, he has commenced two growing businesses: Xceed International – coaching and consulting, and Dynamic Speaking – a public speaking coaching and training business.Ian takes a particular interest in strategy and leadership; with a familiarity of business systems and technology to have even been called the “geek that speaks”.He is also active as a facilitator and leader with Business Networking International and SMART Networking Forums where he was named Facilitator of the Year in 2013!Ian is married with one young child, two dogs – and two goldfish! (More on that in our Workshops!).

Business, Leadership and Presenting Coach

Ian Murray


What people say about our facilitators

It was nearly 12 months ago I first saw Ann. I had just left my job of 10 years to start another where I stayed 2 weeks before realising it was the wrong move.I was at a fork in the road and was desperate for a career change but with family commitments, a mortgage, etc., I felt very trapped and sought Ann for some guidance and advice. After a few sessions with Ann I was on a path towards understanding myself and those close to me better than I had before, which helped me when making decisions towards a more fulfilling career which I would both enjoy and be well suited to.Through Ann’s approach, I felt very comfortable from our first meeting. She has an openness about her which allows discussion without judgement.I can’t recommend Ann highly enough.
– Dale


Ann is an important member of my support team. She plays an important role in keeping me focused on my goals and working through obstacles and strategies to achieve sucess. As a result I have successfully grown my business and personal confidence. I would higly recommend Ann to anyone who would like guidance with their personal and professional goals.
– Maria Stavrakis, Made You Look Visual Communications


I’ve used Ian Murray to assist me in a consulting and strategic capacity and found him to be very inspiring and effective in helping me solve challenges in my business. Ian has a very creative brain when it comes to exploring options and solutions to business challenges. It’s certainly been worth the investment for me and I’ll continue to engage with Ian and Xceed International. I’d recommend Ian to anyone except my competitors.
– Jonathan Zoch, Director, Inspireworks


Ian is a well organised facilitator and coach and planned the session to the minute covering a broad range of topics. He keeps the group on track, but lets everyone have a say. Ian, you are very professional both as a facilitator and coach and can see why you are good at what you do. Thank you for the great Think Tank session.
– Sandra, Director, OutsourceVA

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