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Program Details-Red « Xceeding Minds

Thanks for coming through to find out more!

As Ann and Ian developed their skills in business and coaching, they both found themselves doing more with and through people than by any technical skill they’d previously learned.

For them, it became clear that many business owners weren’t reaching their potential because they developed one dimensional views  of possibilities. They saw some businesses in a holding pattern, not stepping forward without any real clarity of purpose. They heard some asking how to unlock the potential in employees that they’d found it hard to converse with. Some felt limited by the relationships they had with people around them – whether business partners of their life partners. Some thought that the path to success was clearly laid out before them – but it just wasn’t happening quickly enough!

For these reasons, they’ve come together to build Xceeding Minds(TM) – and are opening places in their Xceeding Minds Red Program for committed business owners who are looking to take their business to a higher  level in 2016.

To recap, with Xceeding Minds Red Program, you will

  • Learn what holds most businesses back from achieving outstanding results
  • Meet with like-minded entrepreneurs to develop your businesses together
  • Develop dynamic business plans to propel your business forward
  • Gain learnings to help you, your teams and customers achieve
  • Create an empowering team to help guide you to success
  • Obtain insights that you can apply immediately to your business
  • Be invited to additional tailored webinars
  • Gain continuing membership to our Inner Circle


We’re breaking it down, so as many people as possible can experience this new program, with as little risk as possible! The programs for 2016 continue for 5 months, and are scheduled to run from either February to June, or July to November and include:-

Item Value
5 monthly workshops – 2 coaches for 3 hours $ 6,000
Course Material for workshops $ 4,000
Personal Dynamic Business Plan $    600
5 monthly webinars $    395


And an AMAZING SPECIAL bonus:-

With this UNIQUE program, we invite you to BRING A GUEST to each workshop (after the first). That item alone is probably enough to warrant joining this program! This is a unique feature of this program. We are interested in helping you work with the people who you have significant relationships with. So click on the link below, to start your first payment to the Xceeding Minds(TM) Blue Program.

Bonus Item Value
Bring a guest to 4 meetings $ 4,000

…Imagine what it can mean to you and your business, to deepen a
relationship that will benefit you for a lifetime…


Note: There is a NO-RISK, 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE on your investment.
If your application is not successful or if you choose at the end of the first month
of the program that Xceeding Minds is not for you – we will refund your money.

Reserve your place!

More Bonuses! :-


Item Value
Leading Psychometric Testing for Members $470
5 x 15 min “Laser Coaching” calls for Members $475
5 “Home Team” Worksheets to assist you to apply learnings $500
Online “Brainstorming” amongst your team members INVALUABLE!


And don’t forget – you will be in a room of like-minded entrepreneurs! Priceless!

Total Value $16,345

Order now to apply for a seatat the table.

Not $16,345. Only $2,497!

And if you apply as an existing member of our Inner Circle, or

before December 31, 2015


Reserve your place – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

More Bonuses! :-


Click and email us, so we can let you know the

dates, and apply for this great value program!

Join the Xceeding Minds Red Program for 2016!